What is Search Engine Optimization?

Is your website working for you?

    Have you got a great product or idea to sell but the search engines don't find you?

    Do you have a good website but can't get top 30 ranking on the major search engines and therefore have little or no traffic?
    Are you put off the 'Pro' web designers and search engine 'experts' because of the high prices they quote?

All the above options are available at a charge of ?50 per hour – pending prior agreement of work to be undertaken. The following options are also available but will incur extra charges to the relevant suppliers.

  • Web Domain acquirement and web hosting – purchasing a website domain name and keeping your website on our server
  • Arranging pay per click – paying to get traffic into your website using paid key words
  • Statistics Package integration – accessing a software to view your websites statistics (how many people have accessed your site, when, which pages were viewed the most, etc)
  • Product selling set up / e-commerce – downloads and hard product purchase (allowing the public to purchase a download or order your product online)
  • Shopping cart facility – allowing people to purchase several different items/services at once
  • Autoresponder integration – setting up an automatic response to people sending enquiries/purchasing products, etc
  • Affiliate Program set up – creating your own affiliate program to recruit others to sell your products
  • E-Commerce advice and set up – advice on which pay facility/organisation would best suit your website and setting it up

Can't do Search Engine Placement Optimization yourself?
Hire Search Engine Placement Optimization done!

Obviously the most cost-effective way to market your site is to buy Search Engine Placement Optimization Software for $149, follow its advice and the "Wizard" style screens, and watch new traffic start flowing into your site. You can also try it out free via the Search Engine Placement Optimization trial version .

However, we realize that some of us have too many irons in the fire and would rather just pay someone to take care of it for us.

Search Engine Placement Optimization Services have been proven effective as you may have learned from the "Does Search Engine Optmization Software really work?" page. If you're ready to discuss the possibility of hiring a professional search engine placement optimization services company to gain you top placement in the search engines, then we highly recommend our Search Engine Placement Optimization Services.

We do great work, are honest, and reliable. Our results are 100% Guaranteed Effective so you don't have to worry about what you're getting. We leverage Search Engine Placement Optimization's technology in order to offer cost-effective pricing. Beware, however, that the minimum fee to get started is still $10,000, which is what most banner ad companies will charge for a basic advertising campaign. Included with that price you'll be guaranteed of a great many top 10 or top 20 positions, along with regular reports and other things.

For more information about our Search Engine Placement Optimization Services, please submit the following information: