Few SEO tips for HTML

One can safely state that all website owners want to make their sites to attract traffic. More traffic means more opportunities for the company. And here is important SEO. With good SEO, owner can get more love, admiration of search engines, as well as potential customers. SEO itself isn’t effective.

  1. <head>

Main information comes from the tag <head> and all these things should be optimized to reach 100% effectiveness. Here one can find title tags, even analytics code along with meta description. And what is very important – rel=”canonical” tags. These all tags will be discussed below to highlight their importance in SEO.

  1. <title>

There were times when people just put random keywords to the title tag to attract search engines. Fortunately, these days have gone. Furthermore, now, search engines show title tag and it is seen as clickable headline that can be observed on SERP. Titles also determines the main web page topic.

  1. <meta name="description" …

SERP is filled with information about the site along with title. And this information is presented after the tag called description. Here admins put general and condensed information regarding the site. Some admins can even put there keywords with information about the site. Though Google never use information of meta tags to rank sites. However keywords in description can attract users and it is very useful for traffic.

  1. rel=”canonical”

Canonical page is preferred version of some set of pages, which probably have similar content. Having some pages, which have little differences, should be marked as canonical. And it will aid in protection of pages to be seen as duplicated.

  1. <a href=”..


Links – quite important thing for SEO and Google locate web pages through some special channels and links are one of them. Needless to say – this part of content should be written very carefully.